The Churchill Meadows Residents Association was officially founded in 2003 by a small group of residents who wished to see their community flourish.

Being a part of Mississauga’s Ward 9 at the time, they worked closely with the Councillor and the city to help bring the growing community closer together.

In addition to hosting several yearly social events including community barbecues and volunteer appreciation days for the residents for the Churchill Meadows community, they also kept track of planning for land development in the area, the better to ensure that the interests of residents were protected. The CMRA was active in strengthening the community, having hosted a tree-planting event with volunteers from the community, assisting in the naming of parks, and having supported a community garden. Additionally, the CMRA acted as advocates on behalf of residents to the City, helping ensure that any concerns were properly addressed.

While the CMRA remains politically neutral, it has strived in recent years to improve community involvement in the democratic process.

In 2010 and 2014, the Association has helped host events that allow candidates for political office to present their platforms and address questions from residents.

Following a period of inactivity in 2013, the CMRA has been reactivated and is again ready to serve the Churchill Meadows community, through empowerment, advocacy, and promoting awareness.

The organization is committed to working closely with all levels of government, to cooperate in the interests of all those living, learning, and working in our locality.