Ninth Line Development

The Churchill Meadows Residents Association (CMRA) is seeking feedback and input from residents on the development of largely vacant lands west of Ninth Line. In order to represent the views of our community, we appreciate you taking the time to read the following paragraph and respond to a short survey on this topic.

The City of Mississauga has been involved in a lengthy process of determining the best “land use” for the Ninth Line lands, a 865 acre strip of land between Ninth Line and Highway 407 stretching from Eglinton Avenue in the south to Highway 401 in the north. This process involves many studies, many stakeholders and organizations, many restrictions and many opportunities. And it can be confusing at times. As the CMRA, we have given careful consideration to what the City is proposing and are now also coming to you for your valuable input.  There is a lot to consider – we’ve listed a few thoughts we’ve had to help get you started as you think about development of these lands:

  • The Province has mandated a certain minimum density (people per hectare and jobs per hectare) for all new development and the City is required to meet those growth targets.
  • The lands include flood plain that must be considered for both new and existing residents.
  • More people means more strain on services and amenities (schools, roads, hospital wait times, etc.)
  • More people and businesses means more tax dollars to pay for existing and new services.
  • Development can provide new amenities and job opportunities close to home.
  • Higher density will be supported by enhanced public transit service.
  • Development of some kind is inevitable on these lands; what kind of development do we want and where do we want it?
  • With Development comes the opportunity for community benefits, through infrastructure upgrades, through Section 37 of the Planning Act

Perhaps you have been a part of one or more of the many public engagements sessions hosted by the City and Councillor Sue McFadden on this project. Whether you have or haven’t, this is one more opportunity to let your voice be heard through your residents association.

Thank you for your time and feedback and as a token of our appreciation, survey respondents will be entered into a draw to win two free adult movie passes.

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