Movie Night 2018: A Success

By Janhavi Dixit

On Saturday, July 21st 2018, the Churchill Meadows Residents Association hosted their third annual outdoor movie night at Churchill Meadows Community Commons. The event ran from 7pm to 11pm and included a variety of activities for the public to enjoy including face painting and henna, food stalls and a sports corner. The goal of this event was for the residents of the Churchill Meadows Community to have fun under the stars in the breezy summer night. This was all possible because of the dedicated team of the CMRA, organizing and planning each event with the help of their incredible members and volunteers.

The movie began at 9pm, the entertainment had started much earlier with kids playing soccer, families setting up their picnic spots on the grass and music blaring from the speakers. The entire place was packed and the food stalls had long lines of excited people of all ages waiting patiently for a hot dog or a slice of warm pizza in the cool summer breeze. It felt peaceful and serene with people talking and laughing as far as the eyes could see. Before the movie began, the CMRA directors invited the newly appointed MPP of the Erin Mills riding to speak a few words alongside one of the directors who thanked everyone for coming out and making this event a success. After the results for the costume contest were announced where a small boy dressed as a brave but endearing police officer was crowned winner and given a prize, the movie started. The whole place went silent as the title “Jumanji 2” came up and the sun finally set in the horizon. Some families were wrapped together under one blanket while others were too lost in the movie to feel cold. When the whole crowd laughed at a funny scene, the entire group of people felt like one. Even though no one knew each other too well, it felt like they were all connected under the same sky.

“I think everyone here had a great time with their family and friends. I know I did. Thanks to the CMRA for organizing this event!” said a resident as she exited the event. “I loved helping out, I’m totally going to do it again!” said a happy volunteer while packing up the tents. The directors of the CMRA were delighted to see the turnout for the night and hope to see even more people attending their next event, Kite Fest, in September.

Movie Night 2018 Gallery

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