KiteFest is coming to Churchill Meadows

Drum Roll! KiteFest is coming to Churchill Meadows

By Shazia Aman

In celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial, the CMRA is planning the first annual fall kite festival with the food sale proceeds going to Eden Food for Change.

KiteFest aims to provide entertainment close to home. We will begin with tethered Hot Air balloon rides in the morning and kite flying in the afternoon.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on kite building activity. Several kite building stations will be setup as ‘Do it yourself’ kite making, where we will also have an area designated for flying your handmade kites. All necessary supplies and decorating materials will be provided free of charge – while supplies last.

An exhibition of flying large multi line kites will be presented by The Toronto Kite Fliers Association where member will showcase their unique kites and flying expertise. The festival will serve the multigenerational diverse community of Churchill Meadows. A large number of residents of this community have memories of kite festivals in their cultures.

Churchill Meadows KiteFest will not only invoke the memories of the past, but will surely help to make new ones. We are excited for you to come out and enjoy this wonderful event!


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