KiteFest Donation to Eden Food For Change

CMRA Donates $700 to Eden Food for Change

By: Adnan Moinuddin

The beautiful kites that covered the sky were not the only highlight at this year’s KiteFest. There was also an aspect of giving back to the community. As a result, CMRA decided that it would be a great idea to collect donations for Eden Food for Change, a local food bank that serves the community of Mississauga at large. The committee decided that some sort of food sale would be ideal in order to raise funds for the food bank.

Eventually, a charity barbeque was agreed upon by the board of directors at CMRA. The barbeque consisted of a hotdog sale and it was a great success. CMRA was extremely appreciative of Sir Winston Bistro, a local chef, who had offered his services by helping out to barbeque the hotdogs during the event. Some of the hotdogs were also donated by Zabiha Halal from Maple Lodge Farms. The charity barbeque helped to raise $700.

During Volunteer Appreciation Night, CMRA was able to present a check of $700 to Eden Food for Change. The check was given to Wassam Sheikh Qassim, a representative from the organization.  It was a moment of great pride for the community of Churchill Meadows, as it showed that it is possible for the community to get together and help one another out.  This was also an amazing opportunity for CMRA to expand its horizons and build stronger partnerships with other organizations. CMRA hopes to continue holding events that build stronger relationships among the residents in the community and also give back to those who are in need.