Introducing The Heritage Trail

By Zaineb Survery

Mississauga has a long history that is proudly displayed in different pockets of the city, be it in the form of museums, permanent exhibitions, or heritage homes. As a newer community, Churchill Meadows has yet to find a way to commemorate its history. With a population of approximately 40,000 people, it’s time we recognize the humble beginnings and development of the place we call home.

I have initiated a community partnership with the CMRA, the City of Mississauga and Heritage Mississauga to establish a “Heritage Trail” at the new 9th Line Community Cente, which will be built by 2019. The Heritage Trail will feature plaques highlighting different historical aspects of the Churchill Meadows area – from natural history, to early pioneer development, to current demographic and environmental features. I am very grateful for the support each organization is providing within the project.

My biggest motivation for pursuing the Heritage Trail project is the youth. Every time I walk into our local library and schools I see how enthusiastic and proactive our youth are to learn. In my view, the first step in caring for something is knowing about it – and what’s more important than to care about where you live?

I admit history may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, even if ONE from a group of a hundred manages to be proud of where they came from and positively represent themselves as they go abroad, the Heritage Trail is worth it!

If you are interested to know more or would like to volunteer and help in the Heritage Trail project, please contact me at