Running in the Meadows


Since May, a small group of residents who like to run have been meeting on Saturday mornings at the track behind Stephen Lewis Secondary School at 7 am. I know! Who wants to wake up at 7 am on a Saturday morning? Let alone going for a run! Eastern wisdom says, “Early hours are Godly hours.” Personally, I have found starting the day with a jog outside in the morning revitalizes me! The energy from the group is a bonus. Even though most of us who come now are used to running, the program is open for anybody who wants to walk, run or a combination of both. Our group is open for all ages: our youngest member is two years old and some of our members are well in their fifties. This group is also for people who want give running a try. Let me assure you, you will see Churchill Meadows in a way you may have never seen it before. There is a certain calmness in the air, with the smell of fresh dew, just in time for you to witness a beautiful sun rise.

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” ― Dean Karnazes

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday morning at 7 am at the track behind Stephen Lewis Secondary School. All you need are comfortable shoes and water. The energy and that sensation of feeling good after the run is free!

For more information, feel free to reach Alex Thomas (

Special Program:

Want to run a Marathon?

Since the first week of May we have been running a program for the benefit of individuals who would like to start running but lack the motivation. The program is designed to get a beginner to complete a 5K run by end of June.

Enjoy Sports?

After a nice run, some of the members head on over to join the Tennis buffs for a fun game of Tennis! The tennis club starts at 8:00 am at the Doug Leavens Park every Saturday. For more information about the recreational tennis club, please get in touch with Sumair Ahmed at

Shaping Ninth Line – June 8, 2016

On June 6th and June 8th, the City of Mississauga held community meetings on the future of the Ninth Line lands.

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The lands comprise 350 hectares in an area bound by Highway 407 to the West, Ninth Line to the East, Highway 401 to the North and Highway 403 to the South. They were acquired by the City of Mississauga in 2010. The City, along with the Region of Peel are working to establish a vision and a framework for the future development of this area. The purpose of the community meetings was to get public input for the emerging land use concept.

For more information, residents are encouraged to visit the city of Mississauga at:

Tell us your vision for the Ninth Line. Leave a message in the comments section below.

Shaping Ninth Line Community Meeting

The City of Mississauga will host community meetings on June 6 and 8, 2016, to share the emerging land use plan for the Ninth Line lands.

Learn about the proposed plan for the area, and share your ideas. Participants can choose to attend one of the following meetings:

Monday, June 6, 2016
6:30 to 9 p.m.
Garry W. Morden Centre
7535 Ninth Line


Wednesday, June 8, 2016
6:30 to 9 p.m.
Stephen Lewis Secondary School
3675 Thomas Street
Visit for transit information.
Visit for more information.

Ramadan Mubarak!

To our Muslim neighbours, Ramadan Mubarak!

May this Ramadan be blessed and brings peace and justice around the world.

Taraweeh prayers are held at two locations within Churchill Meadows:

  • Stephen Lewis Secondary School Gym

Ishaa and Taraweeh will start on June 5, 10:20 PM sharp organized by Muslim Neighbour Nexus. For details, visit

  • Ruth Thompson Middle School Gym

Ishaa and Taraweeh will start on June 5, 10:30 PM sharp organized by Ar Rehman Islamic Centre / ICNA Canada. For details, visit


Mississauga City Council approves Stormwater Charge

After a study and input from the public, the Mississauga City Council has approved the new stormwater charge. The stormwater charge will be on your Region of Peel water bill starting in January 2016.

What does this new charge mean to Property Owners?

Since different properties have different amounts of stormwater runoff, the charge will be based on the amount of hard surface area on properties.

Residential properties will be grouped into 5 tiers, based on size of rooftop area, from extra-small to extra-large, as seen from aerial imagery. The imagery will be updated annually.stormwater

The 2016 stormwater rate will be set at $100 per billing unit. Each year, the Mississauga City Council will set the rate of the stormwater charge. Depending on the tier, residential property owners will pay anywhere from $50 to $170 for stormwater, in the 2016 year.

It is expected that the majority of residential property owners will pay $100 or less.

Estimate your stormwater charge online:

Learn more about the stormwater charge and how it will work, through the following links:

Ranked Ballots coming to Mississauga & other Ontario Cities

The Municipal Elections Act of 1996, is under review and one of the main focuses for changes is the introduction of ranked ballots as an alternative to the current voting system. The Mississauga City Councillors are exploring the option for ranked ballots for the next election in 2018.

The proposed alternative for municipal elections is Ranked Ballots. How they work:ranked
• Voters rank the candidates in order of preference – first choice, second choice, third choice, etc. – rather than just voting for one candidate.
• The votes are counted in multiple rounds. If your first choice has the least votes in the round and is eliminated, then your vote is given to your second choice, and so on, until someone has over 50% of the vote.
• This ensures that winning candidate has the support of the majority of the voters.

Benefits of Ranked Ballots:
• Discourages negative campaigning- as voters rank multiple candidates, it gives candidates a reason to appeal to not just their first choice voters, but also to the supporters of other candidates.
• Reduces strategic voting- with the current system, voters sometimes do not vote for their first choice candidate because they think they won’t win the election.
• Encourages candidates to remain in the race until voting day
• Potentially increases voter engagement & voter turnout- in the last municipal election in Mississauga, in October, the voter turnout was only 36% of eligible voters.

Go online to learn more about ranked ballots and submit your comments (by answering a short survey):

The deadline for submitting comments is July 27, 2015.

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