Movie Night 2018: A Success

By Janhavi Dixit

On Saturday, July 21st 2018, the Churchill Meadows Residents Association hosted their third annual outdoor movie night at Churchill Meadows Community Commons. The event ran from 7pm to 11pm and included a variety of activities for the public to enjoy including face painting and henna, food stalls and a sports corner. The goal of this event was for the residents of the Churchill Meadows Community to have fun under the stars in the breezy summer night. This was all possible because of the dedicated team of the CMRA, organizing and planning each event with the help of their incredible members and volunteers.

The movie began at 9pm, the entertainment had started much earlier with kids playing soccer, families setting up their picnic spots on the grass and music blaring from the speakers. The entire place was packed and the food stalls had long lines of excited people of all ages waiting patiently for a hot dog or a slice of warm pizza in the cool summer breeze. It felt peaceful and serene with people talking and laughing as far as the eyes could see. Before the movie began, the CMRA directors invited the newly appointed MPP of the Erin Mills riding to speak a few words alongside one of the directors who thanked everyone for coming out and making this event a success. After the results for the costume contest were announced where a small boy dressed as a brave but endearing police officer was crowned winner and given a prize, the movie started. The whole place went silent as the title “Jumanji 2” came up and the sun finally set in the horizon. Some families were wrapped together under one blanket while others were too lost in the movie to feel cold. When the whole crowd laughed at a funny scene, the entire group of people felt like one. Even though no one knew each other too well, it felt like they were all connected under the same sky.

“I think everyone here had a great time with their family and friends. I know I did. Thanks to the CMRA for organizing this event!” said a resident as she exited the event. “I loved helping out, I’m totally going to do it again!” said a happy volunteer while packing up the tents. The directors of the CMRA were delighted to see the turnout for the night and hope to see even more people attending their next event, Kite Fest, in September.

Movie Night 2018 Gallery

We would love to hear back from you on how we can plan for next year’s movie night. Fill out the survey below and be entered into a draw to win a $25 gift card from ESSO.

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Movie Night 2018 Gallery

Movie Night 2018 Gallery:

Why Should We Vote in this Election?

We are at a crossroads. In the coming weeks, Ontarians must weigh the consequences and decide which path to take. Your vote counts in determining the path that is ultimately selected. If you are a student, a parent, a senior, an immigrant, a patient, a worker or simply someone who feels strongly about his or her beliefs, then the Ontario Provincial Election of 2018 is your opportunity  to shape the future. Your vote is your voice.  Speak your mind, vote!

Election Date: June 7, 2108
Advance Poll dates: May 26 to May 30

Questions to consider when deciding which candidate to vote for:

  • Education is important. What should and should not be taught in physical health Education curriculum?
  • Sky high prices of housing leaves majority of the people out of the market. How is it sustainable for millennials and new immigrant?
  • Is minimum wage the answer to the bigger problem of the rise in cost of living?
  • With the senior population ballooning over the next decade, how sustainable is our health care system?
  • Can we afford to cut down on services and leave more people vulnerable?
  • Is it prudent to run multiyear deficits?
  • Are we preparing our youth for the jobs of tomorrow? Is the post-secondary education in line with the current needs of work place?
  • How do we replace aging and inadequate infrastructure?
  • Who has the best policy for the environment, what impact does carbon pricing have on the cost of fuel?

The Churchill Meadows Residents Association works to help our neighbours become more aware of the issues that are important to our community and to our province. That’s why we are hosting a candidates’ debate for the riding of Mississauga – Erin Mills. Join us Monday, May 14th at 7pm at Stephen Lewis Secondary School to hear your candidates answer questions posed to them by members of our community. Admission is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Ninth Line Development

The Churchill Meadows Residents Association (CMRA) is seeking feedback and input from residents on the development of largely vacant lands west of Ninth Line. In order to represent the views of our community, we appreciate you taking the time to read the following paragraph and respond to a short survey on this topic.

The City of Mississauga has been involved in a lengthy process of determining the best “land use” for the Ninth Line lands, a 865 acre strip of land between Ninth Line and Highway 407 stretching from Eglinton Avenue in the south to Highway 401 in the north. This process involves many studies, many stakeholders and organizations, many restrictions and many opportunities. And it can be confusing at times. As the CMRA, we have given careful consideration to what the City is proposing and are now also coming to you for your valuable input.  There is a lot to consider – we’ve listed a few thoughts we’ve had to help get you started as you think about development of these lands:

  • The Province has mandated a certain minimum density (people per hectare and jobs per hectare) for all new development and the City is required to meet those growth targets.
  • The lands include flood plain that must be considered for both new and existing residents.
  • More people means more strain on services and amenities (schools, roads, hospital wait times, etc.)
  • More people and businesses means more tax dollars to pay for existing and new services.
  • Development can provide new amenities and job opportunities close to home.
  • Higher density will be supported by enhanced public transit service.
  • Development of some kind is inevitable on these lands; what kind of development do we want and where do we want it?
  • With Development comes the opportunity for community benefits, through infrastructure upgrades, through Section 37 of the Planning Act

Perhaps you have been a part of one or more of the many public engagements sessions hosted by the City and Councillor Sue McFadden on this project. Whether you have or haven’t, this is one more opportunity to let your voice be heard through your residents association.

Thank you for your time and feedback and as a token of our appreciation, survey respondents will be entered into a draw to win two free adult movie passes.

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KiteFest Donation to Eden Food For Change

CMRA Donates $700 to Eden Food for Change

By: Adnan Moinuddin

The beautiful kites that covered the sky were not the only highlight at this year’s KiteFest. There was also an aspect of giving back to the community. As a result, CMRA decided that it would be a great idea to collect donations for Eden Food for Change, a local food bank that serves the community of Mississauga at large. The committee decided that some sort of food sale would be ideal in order to raise funds for the food bank.

Eventually, a charity barbeque was agreed upon by the board of directors at CMRA. The barbeque consisted of a hotdog sale and it was a great success. CMRA was extremely appreciative of Sir Winston Bistro, a local chef, who had offered his services by helping out to barbeque the hotdogs during the event. Some of the hotdogs were also donated by Zabiha Halal from Maple Lodge Farms. The charity barbeque helped to raise $700.

During Volunteer Appreciation Night, CMRA was able to present a check of $700 to Eden Food for Change. The check was given to Wassam Sheikh Qassim, a representative from the organization.  It was a moment of great pride for the community of Churchill Meadows, as it showed that it is possible for the community to get together and help one another out.  This was also an amazing opportunity for CMRA to expand its horizons and build stronger partnerships with other organizations. CMRA hopes to continue holding events that build stronger relationships among the residents in the community and also give back to those who are in need.

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