A Look Back at KiteFest 2017

By Zaineb Survery

While most of us took the last few precious weeks of summer off to enjoy with family and friends, members of the Churchill Meadows Resident Association were busy planning Mississauga’s first ever KiteFest, held right here in Churchill Meadows!

Their effort, clearly and visibly, flew high on that warm and sunny Saturday, the 16th of September.  Right away I saw the enthusiasm and pride of the many student volunteers – wearing the green CMRA t-shirts, helping in anyway they could. And you could see they felt good about helping too. That is what community is all about – supporting and building leaders.

I was also pleased to see various community groups represented at the event. Everyone from local dignitaries, to police officers and firefighters letting children sit in firetrucks and police cruisers were in attendance. Money raised by the charity BBQ and other food vendors was donated to Eden Food for Change, a local Foodbank.

However, the most excitement was displayed in the lineups of the young and young at heart at the DIY kite-making stations and the hot air balloon rides – by far, the hottest item at the event!

Overall, in my view, CMRA deserves a 10/10 for showing community leadership and initiative in hosting the first ever KiteFest in Mississauga. A kite festival has been long overdue in our vibrant city and I’m so proud of my community for hosting one. It brought together residents, community leaders, outreach groups, youth, officials, civil servants and the foodbank.

Will I return next year if the CMRA hosts KiteFest again? Absolutely! Helping and supporting one another is what this community does, after all.